A Peek Behind the Curtain: How I Edit Photos

Picnic House wedding portrait for an article on 'How I edit photos' by NYC wedding photojournalist, Kelly Williams

I’ve been asked countless numbers of time to ‘just take a few quick photos and send them to me.’ Not such a quick request, as it turns out. For every hour spent shooting, I have to spend at least three hours editing and processing the images. Want to know what takes so damn long?  Go behind the scenes with me as I reveal the mysteries of photo editing…

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Things to Consider When Including A Pet in Your Wedding

Family portrait for an article on ‘Things to Consider When Including A Pet in Your Wedding’

It’s been a fun wedding season, and one of the highlights was the recent wedding of Erica and Geff.  How often can you say that the family cat took part in the wedding? Well, Frosties the cat was proudly present at Erica and Geff’s nuptials. Along with some memorable photos, I am pleased to share with you things to consider when including a pet in your wedding.

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Emma & Paul’s Whirlwind Ladies Pavilion Wedding

Ladies Pavilion wedding ceremony by NYC wedding photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Last October I was contacted by a delightful couple from the UK, who wanted to get hitched while on shore leave from their cruise.  The premise sounded zany enough (and right up my alley), but the reality was even more wonderful.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Emma and Paul — my craziest wedding of the year!

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A Columbus Citizens Foundation Wedding

Bride and groom portrait in Madison Square Park for a Columbus Citizens Foundation wedding by NYC wedding photojournalist, Kelly Williams

It was a busy weekend for Natasha and Chris, whose Columbus Citizens Foundation wedding was truly a dream come true.  The couple, who randomly met at a dinner years ago, got engaged over a romantic dinner their first day traveling in Toulouse, France.  Natasha and Chris are world travelers, and their honeymoon — starting this week! — will take them around the world, from Mexico and Hong Kong to Beijing and Europe.  Maximum adventure for maximum air miles — that’s Chris’ motto.

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An Astoria Wedding Travels Down Memory Lane

Speech at a wedding reception at the Liberty by NYC wedding photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Meredith and Jonathan’s wedding on Saturday was a beautiful trip down memory lane.  From starting off with a ceremony at Jonathan’s family church, to finishing with a reception that brought friends and family together on the dance floor, the photos taken show how far they have come as a couple.  Here’s how it all went down.

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How to Take Great Group Photos

Moris Jumel Mansion wedding photo for an article on how to take great group photos by Kelly Williams

If you are keeping in top of the latest wedding trends, then you might have noticed more group photos at the reception. Here are a few tips on how to take great group photos at your event. Traditionally, portraits are taken of the bride, groom, bridal party and family. But why should they have all the fun?  Now couples are adding in group portraits of friends — high school friends, college buddies, you name it.  An even more fun trend is to take a photo of the entire group of guests attending the event. It’s a challenge, but definitely doable.

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What To Do With Your Photos After Your Shoot…

Snug Harbor wedding photo by NYC wedding photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Picture it if you will: you have just gotten an email from me saying that all of your photos are edited and ready for you to view.  They look great, you are excited to share them…and then what?  To protect your precious memories, here’s what you should do next.

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Do You Need a Second Photographer? Probably Not.

Bride and groom portrait for an article entitled, ‘Do I Need A Second Photographer?’ by photojournalist, Kelly Williams

I have been irritated recently by wedding blogs informing couples that they need to have at least two photographers for their wedding. If you are interested in documentary-style photography and your guest count is under 200, then adding a second photographer may not be a wise choice. Here’s why.

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How to Trim Your Wedding Guest List

A place setting photographed for an article on how to trim your guest list, by NYC wedding photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Baby, it’s cold outside here in New York City. What better way to stay warm then to remain inside the house spending time whittling down the guest list for your wedding? Well, maybe not, but for many of my clients just starting the process of planning their wedding, this is exactly how they are spending their time.  So, here are some tips for how to trim your wedding guest list:

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Elvis is In the House: A Housing Works Bookstore Wedding

Elvis impersonator at a Housing Works Bookstore wedding, by NYC wedding photojournalist, Kelly Williams

What did you do last night? Well, I had a date with Elvis. Yes, that Elvis. He is alive and well, and entertained guests at the wedding of Susan and Doug on Friday. But before I get to the King, let’s start at the beginning.

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