A Jamaica Christening at Temple El Shaddai

Pastor holding little girl up to the light during Jamaica christening

The perfect antidote to last week’s depressing blog post is a precious baby, no? This week I have all the details of little Olivia’s Jamaica christening at Temple El Shaddai. So let’s soak up the cute as we endure yet another week of quarantine.

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Little Penelope’s Greek Orthodox Baptism Photos

Greek orthodox baptisms are some of my favorite family events to photograph. In addition to taking place in stupendously beautiful churches, there is always an air of mystery to the service. Follow that with a helping of delicious food at the reception, and you can easily see why I say ‘yes’ to all Greek baptism […]

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A Greek Orthodox Baptism

Baby getting hair cut during baptism by NYC Greek orthodox baptism photographer, Kelly Williams

Or, No Camera Flash in Church It has always been my philosophy to not to use my camera’s flash in a church. No matter how dark the venue and how necessary the additional light may be, a flash popping off is disruptive when guests are trying to focus on the ceremony at hand. The gravitas […]

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