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How to Get the Perfect First Look

If you read my previous post about seeing each other before the ceremony and have decided you want to get the majority of your photos out of the way before walking down the aisle, you might be wondering how to get the perfect first look. Well, have I got tips for you. Read more

The Mystery of the Backwards Flash

If you have ever watched me at work, you might have noticed that the flash on my camera points backwards.  Why?  Simple answer: I am using the wall and ceiling behind me to bounce off light for maximum depth and softness. Read more

Should You See Each Other Before the Ceremony?: Tradition vs. Practicality

For most of my couples, tradition is not at the forefront of their wedding plans…except when it comes to walking down the aisle. While many couples are eschewing the usual wedding cake, bouquet toss, and especially the garter, several brides and grooms are holding to tradition by not seeing each other before they meet at the altar. In terms of your wedding photos, is there an advantage to seeing each other before hand? Read more

A Peak Behind the Curtain: How I Edit Photos

I’ve been asked countless numbers of time to ‘just take a few quick photos and send them to me.’ Not such a quick request, as it turns out. For every hour spent shooting, I have to spend at least three hours editing and processing the images. Want to know what takes so damn long?  Go behind the scenes with me as I reveal the mysteries of photo editing… Read more

Things to Consider When Including A Pet in Your Wedding

It’s been a fun wedding season, and one of the highlights was the recent wedding of Erica and Geff.  How often can you say that the family cat took part in the wedding? Well, Frosties the cat was proudly present at Erica and Geff’s nuptials. Along with some memorable photos, I am pleased to share with you things to consider when including a pet in your wedding. Read more

Jill’s East Village Bridal Shower

Today’s sunny weather was perfect for an afternoon of getting together with the girls and celebrating the fact that you are about to become a bride.  Such was the case for Jill as she had her bridal shower at Gnocco restaurant in the East Village.  Rather than having games or toasts, the day was simply a time for family and friends to meet each other and enjoy the day together. Read more

Luca’s Trip to Daycare

Last week I reintroduced you to little Luca — Sara and Hugh’s precious (and precocious) four-year old. Since the family is leaving New York City to move to California this July, Sara wanted one more portrait. This time documenting something Luca did everyday: his trip to preschool. As a fellow New Yorker, Luca’s commute resonates with all of us, big and small. Read more

Emma & Paul’s Whirlwind Ladies Pavilion Wedding

Last October I was contacted by a delightful couple from the UK, who wanted to get hitched while on shore leave from their cruise.  The premise sounded zany enough (and right up my alley), but the reality was even more wonderful.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Emma and Paul — my craziest wedding of the year! Read more

How to Find the ‘Good’ Side of Your Face

Science will tell you that it is more than likely the left side of your face that looks most pleasing to the camera.  Why?  Here’s what the scientists say, per Time Magazine: “Our results suggest that posers’ left cheeks tend to exhibit a greater intensity of emotion, which observers find more aesthetically pleasing. Our findings provide support for a number of concepts – the notions of lateralized emotion and right hemispheric dominance with the right side of the brain controlling the left side of the face during emotional expression.” Read more

Luca is Growing Up!: A Chelsea Family Portrait

The rain held off today, despite the impending forecast of doom.  This was good news for my Chelsea family portrait of Sara, Hugh, and little Luca — who is really growing up!  (You can see photos from his last photo session here.)  Today’s portrait session was all about family fun, both inside and outside.  My hats off to mom Sara, who had the entire day planned chock full of activities.  There wasn’t a moment lost between playing guitar as a family and blowing bubbles on the terrace to playing with fur-brother Manny and getting measured.  We spent the last half of the session running around the local playground with not a raindrop in sight.  Check out all the photos below, and enjoy the rest of your weekend!  Sunday is supposed to be beautiful here in New York City. Read more

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