Event Entertainment Ideas: What Works, What Doesn’t

Three guests playing with props in a photo booth for an article on event entertainment ideas

For most events that I photograph, there seems to always be a party within the party.  It’s not enough anymore to just feed your guests and have a DJ.  Now you have to entertain them as well.  As an outside observer to several events a year, here is my take on what works and what doesn’t for event entertainment ideas.

Wedding guest balancing spoon on his nose for an article on event entertainment ideasThe bottom line for any entertainment idea is that you have to know your audience.  The typical wedding reception will focus on food with a side order of dancing.  But what if you are hosting a midday wedding and your guests aren’t a dancing crowd?  Stick to your guns and skip the DJ in favor of a low-key band or quartet playing music that everyone (or at least 80% of those in attendance) will enjoy.  Save the hip hop or trendy tunes for later in the evening when the older crowd has been thinned out leaving the die hards their space on the dance floor.


Event Entertainment Ideas – Photo Booths

Little boy grabbing his father's glasses in photo booth for an article on event entertainment ideasSecond only to dancing, photo booths are by far one of the most popular forms of entertainment at any event.  And with good reason: photo booths are a great way for friends and family to put their own creative spin on the guest book by leaving behind zany photos for the couple to enjoy.  As the main photographer for any event, a photo booth does not in any way take away from what I am doing, and indeed adds to the fun spirit of the party.  Some of the best photos I have taken at a wedding include pics of the bride and groom sharing a private moment in the photo booth.

You have several options when selecting your photo booth.  If you choose an open photo booth, then you may be able to personalize the background with the couple’s initials or a specific greeting.  In addition, open photo booths allow for more guests to pack into one photo.  Still, most people remember fondly the traditional photo booth of yore and it is half the fun to try and pack as many guests as possible into the booth.

Selection of colorful photo booth props for an article on event entertainment ideas
Props at a DIY photo booth

If you have a specific theme to your event, feel free to bring your own props.  The props provided by photo booth operators tend to be quite cheap, as these items normally get damaged by drunk guests after every event. Make sure to ask if you can get a discount from the photo booth operator if you provide your own props (same goes for your background).  As far as what the photo booth provides for your guests, you usually have the option to have both physical prints plus social media sharing for an additional fee.  Go for the additional social media option and make sure you have a sign with your personalized hashtag (#MelanieJalani2014, etc.) prominently displayed so that all of your photos will be easily found online.

One word about photo booth locations: I recommend that you put the photo booth off to the side.  A photo booth is a fun activity that will bring even the most shy of guests into the booth.  It helps, however, if the booth is off to the side so that no one feels like they are on stage in front of the entire party.  This is also a better location if the photo booth is open and needs room to set up lights.  Finally, if you are setting up a photo booth by yourself, make sure to tape down any cords so that no guest trips over the equipment.


Event Entertainment Ideas – Fun With Food

A make your own bubble tea station at a wedding for an article on event entertainment ideas
A make-your-own bubble tea station

Have fun with your food. It seems every event nowadays ends with a candy buffet, but think outside the typical menu for options such as a gelato cart, taco bar, or in the case of Brandon and Kristen’s wedding, a bubble tea station. If you like to eat it, then there is probably a way to make a buffet out of it with a ‘build your own toppings’ component. I’m not sure why we all find making your own food in public to be a fun activity, but there is no denying that participatory food is always popular. If you are going to have a candy bar or any other take home food buffet, make sure you personalize the bags to have the food double as your gift to guests. Also, if this is a birthday party, then customize the candy selection to sweets that were popular when the birthday girl/boy was growing up. Who doesn’t want to be a kid again?


Event Entertainment Ideas – Games

Wedding guests watching a tower of Jenga blocks falling for an article on event entertainment ideasSpeaking of reliving your childhood, an area of the room set up with board games is a great way to awaken the inner kid of any guest. As case in point with Brandon and Kristen’s wedding, board games are fun both with sober and inebriated guests. Games get a group together, and encourage guests of all ages to meet one another. I would stick with games that can be played in a short amount of time to make sure every guest has a chance at a given game. Something like Monopoly that takes several rounds might not be best. Also, focus on simple, physical games: Tiddlywinks and Jenga rock.

Bride and groom playing drinking game at wedding reception Get the party started with a master of ceremonies. The ‘shoe game’ and other get-to-know-the-guest-of-honor games are very popular at weddings in Eastern Europe. There are many variations, but in short, the bride and groom sit back-to-back on the dance floor. The emcee asks a series of questions which are answered by the bride or groom raising their respective shoe to respond. If you are going to play this game with a drinking component, make sure you schedule this event early in the evening so answers will be coherent. (Check out photos from Lidia and Josh’s Columbia University wedding which featured games from Eastern Europe here.)

This game is a great way for guests to get to know the couple and the answers can be pretty silly. But getting guests involved – be it the shoe game or a round of trivia – all depends on having a great emcee. You need someone who is quick witted and good at reacting to your guests, as the crowd will be responding directly to the emcee’s energy level. If you are going to use your DJ as your emcee, then take special care to check that the DJ has these skills before you book. All too often someone who is good at spinning records isn’t necessarily the best choice for handling the mic.


Event Entertainment Ideas – What Doesn’t Work

What doesn’t work: anything forced. I’ve been to a few parties where, although the guests of honor were big dancers, the rest of the guest list was just annoyed by the loud music. Again, know your audience. If only a handful of your guests are dancers, then save this for an after party. If your crowd is more geared to smaller group interactions, then set up little lounge areas around the room so that people can get together on their own terms. Or, play musical chairs and have everyone change seats half way through the event so that they can meet someone new.

A final note: the most unique entertainment I have ever seen was a wedding portrait created during the reception. You wouldn’t think that a painter off in the corner would be that interesting, but guests kept checking in with the painter all throughout the night and were mesmerized by the progress of the painting. (Check out more details from Francesca and Rory’s Hoboken wedding which featured the live artist here.)

Artist painting canvas during wedding for an article on event entertainment ideas Guest watching as artist paints on an easel for an article on event entertainment ideas

Accompanying this article are photos from the wedding of Brandon and Kristen. This fun couple tied the knot in Astoria at the Aurora Gallery. It was my first wedding with board games, and I certainly hope it won’t be the last. From the bubble tea bar to board games, Brendan and Kristen’s wedding was a true and complete reflection of everything they love and their love for each other. You can’t get better than that.


Ceremony and reception venue: Aurora Gallery, Astoria

Event planner: Sweet Inspirations Events

DJ: Duane Harriot, 74 Events

Fried chicken, brisket and sides (yum!): Pies n’ Thighs

Salads, pasta, Italian food: Antika Pizzeria

Cupcakes: Baked

Bubble tea station: The Bao Shoppe

All other desserts (cookies made by Kristen), flower arrangements, and decorations were made by the couple and their friends and family.

If you would like to see more images from my wedding photojournalism portfolio, then please visit my website – KellyWilliamsPhotographer.com

Groom turned around watching NYC skyline waiting for first look
The ‘first look’ is about to begin…

Groom facing camera as bride approaches from behind for first look Groom turning around to see bride for first look Black and white photo of bride and groom hugging after first lookBride and groom dancing underneath Kaufman Astoria Studios sign in QueensGroom shaking hand of father of the bride during Astoria wedding ceremonyBlack and white photo of bride and groom saying vows during Astoria wedding ceremonyBride putting ring on groom's finger during Astoria wedding ceremonyBlack and white photo of bride and groom kissing after Astoria wedding ceremonyAfrican American father holding little girl at Astoria wedding receptionBride holding groom's arm during speech at Astoria wedding receptionGuests in line at buffet holding plates at Astoria wedding receptionBride and groom listening to speeches at Astoria wedding receptionFather of the bride making speech at Astoria wedding receptionWoman listening to speeches at Astoria wedding receptionBride hugging father after speech at Astoria wedding receptionBlack and white photo of bride and groom during first danceGroom sitting and watching bride and father danceBride and father dancing at Astoria wedding receptionBride and groom looking at dessert table at Astoria wedding receptionLittle girl licking the frosting on a cupcake at Astoria wedding receptionLittle girl chewing on an inflated ice cream cone at Astoria wedding receptionGuests playing Jenga at a wedding receptionClose up on wedding guest hands playing Hungry Hungry Hippos game at a receptionWoman talking in the ear of a male guest at Astoria wedding receptionTwo older women laughing at Astoria wedding receptionFemale guest dancing with arms raised at Astoria wedding receptionBlack and white photo of bride and groom laughing at Astoria wedding reception

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