A Trip From Queens to Coney Island: Dead Horse Bay Photos

Dead Horse Bay photos of colorful trash and sunglasses on beach

Wednesday provided a much needed break from the rain and humidity, so I decided to celebrate with an adventure to Dead Horse Bay.  Not your typical way to spend a day off, but a fascinating lesson in NYC history nonetheless.  Find out how this beach got its name and enjoy my Dead Horse Bay photos from a trip that started in the Far Rockaways and ended in Coney Island.

Dead Horse Bay photos of trash and sink with ocean in backgroundDead Horse Bay, so called because of the former horse-rendering plants located nearby in the 1850s, is a small body of water located in Brooklyn close to Sheepshead Bay.  Once upon a time, the beach was surrounded by over two dozen fish oil factories and garbage incinerators, in addition to the dead animal rendering plants.  Per the New York Times, “From the 1850s until the 1930s, the carcasses of dead horses and other animals from New York City streets were used to manufacture glue, fertilizer and other products at the site. The chopped-up, boiled bones were later dumped into the water. The squalid bay, then accessible only by boat, was reviled for the putrid fumes that hung overhead.”  Today, I am happy to report that the area smells much better.  The upside of all this ancient garbage is that you can walk the beach and find historical items, such as medicine bottles and other bits of bygone days.  Most prominent are the number of glass bottles littering the shore, as well as an extraordinary number of shoe soles.  The area is also a breeding ground for horseshoe crabs, and you can find their spider-like shells all across the beach.

I got to Dead Horse Bay by taking the ‘A’ train to Rockaway Beach, walking through Ft. Tilden State Park, and then across the Marine Parkway Bridge to Dead Horse Bay.  From there I walked — yes, walked — 11 miles along the shore and over the Belt Parkway to Coney Island.  Sunset last night gave the boardwalk a magical air.  Enjoy the pics, and email me if you have any suggestions of other off the beaten tourist track locations to visit.  Summer is almost over, and I need to take a few more road trips before fall gets here.

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If you would like to see more images from my travel portfolio, then please visit my website – Kelly-Williams.com.

Man walking past storefront in Richmond Hill, Queens
Where my trip started: Richmond Hill, Queens
Boat laying in grass in Far Rockaway
Far Rockaway

Young man selling shaved ice in Richmond Hills, Queens Two men wearing colored turbans on the streets of Richmond Hill, Queens Man sitting on bench in subway platformView through screen of woman pushing cart on street Woman staring ahead waiting for train in subway platform Line of young people waiting on a subway platform Couple in subway platform with reflection of woman waiting for train Sunglasses for sale lined up on a table People walking down boardwalk to Far Rockaway beach Fence and beach at Far Rockaway Sand Bar restaurant sign and fence in Far Rockaway Older man sitting on bench on Far Rockaway beach boardwalkWoman holding onto hat on Far Rockaway beach boardwalk

Abandoned Hotel Del Mar in Far Rockaway
The Hotel Del Mar

American flag flying in Far RockawaySeagull on railing in Far Rockaway

CPR dummy seen through window in building
Lifeguard dummy trying to break free

Hoops on a Far Rockaway basketball court Queen Anne's Lace flowers seen through fence View of Dead Horse Bay with NYC skyline in background

Dead Horse Bay photos of beach, water, and ruins of dock
Dead Horse Bay

Dead Horse Bay photos of baby doll head on beachDead Horse Bay photos of trash and beach Dead Horse Bay photos of bottles on polluted beach Dead Horse Bay photos of rowboat on beach

Dead Horse Bay photos of man digging on beach
Not sure what this guy was digging for

Dead Horse Bay photos of bottles and trash on beach Dead Horse Bay photos of piece of sink and trash on beach Dead Horse Bay photos of boat on beach Dead Horse Bay photos of shoe on beachDead Horse Bay photos of grass on hillDead Horse Bay photos of colored ball on beachDead Horse Bay photos of water flowing along beachDead Horse Bay photos of horseshoe crab shell on beachDead Horse Bay photos of seagull in the skyDead Horse Bay photos of white flowersDead Horse Bay photos of sign prohibiting release or feeding of animalsDead Horse Bay photos of white cross in grass

Fishing supply storefront in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn
Sheepshead Bay

Menu on wall in Sheepshead Bay restaurantOld man wearing white hat and riding bicycle in crosswalk in Sheepshead Bay, BrooklynMuslim woman wearing blue hijab standing by waterfront railing in Sheepshead Bay, BrooklynWoman buying from street vendor with man on cell phone in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn

Group of women wearing Indian attire walking on Coney Island boardwalk
Coney Island

Sunset over boardwalk in Coney Island, BrooklynPeople riding carnival ride in Coney Island, BrooklynPeople riding carnival ride in Coney Island, BrooklynPeople sitting on bench with seagulls overhead in Coney Island, BrooklynRoller coaster loops in Coney Island, BrooklynSunset over Coney Island boardwalk

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