Dr. Magdolna Saringer’s Website — Live!

Professional portraits of a psychiatrist sitting in her office

Hi everyone!  I have some good news for today, despite the bad weather: I am happy to announce that the website for Dr. Magdolna Saringer is now live!

Dr. Saringer was a great client, whose portrait I recently took for her website.  Well, in conjunction with the fantastic Studio Simpatico, you can now see the finished product here.  I think the site came out great, especially the horizontal office photo on the contact page.  Check out the site, and just imagine what your own website could look like with some professional website photography services in your pocket…  Give me a call to discuss how we can make you and your business look this good!

Older woman wearing blue sweater and scarf in front of bookcase

If you would like to see more recent photos by NYC executive headshot photographer, Kelly Williams, please visit her website.

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