A Relaxed NYC Rehearsal Dinner at Home

Man opening bottle of champagne at a NYC rehearsal dinner in a Manhattan apartment

Denise and Steve transformed the traditional, stuffy rehearsal dinner of yore into a relaxed party full of laughter and love.  Check out the photos and find out what made their NYC rehearsal dinner a hit in today’s blog post.

Bride and family enjoying a NYC rehearsal dinner in a Manhattan apartment
The bride, Denise, in the middle, surrounded by the father of the groom on the left, and Steve the groom on the right

Let’s start with the location.  Denise and Steve are blessed with a very special apartment on the upper west side.  Most notably, they have a rooftop terrace which is currently in full bloom.  The couple have cultivated an assortment of plants, including herbs and the cutest little cherry tomatoes.  (I didn’t even realize I had taken a photo of a heart-shaped tomato until I started editing the photos.)  Denise put the garden to good use and plucked flowers from her own garden to use in her bouquet.  (Check out the photo of her bouquet chillin’ in the refrigerator.)

The guest count for the evening was approximately 30, and the atmosphere was relaxed and casual.  The food for the party was provided by Red Farm, a very modern Chinese restaurant conveniently located right below their apartment.  All Steve and Denise had to do was simply bring dinner up in the elevator.  Everything was self-serve, and homemade champagne punch was the official party beverage.

This laid-back NYC rehearsal dinner was a great way for family and friends to get to know one another, and a terrific sign of things to come for Denise and Steve’s wedding.  I’ll have those photos later this week!

Venue: private home

Catering: Red Farm

Want to see how the story ends?  Then take a peek at Denise and Steve’s wedding at 632 on Hudson here.

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White bouquet of flowers in the door of a refrigerator Man touching cherry tomato plantHeart-shaped cherry tomatoWoman wearing white dress holding drink at a NYC rehearsal dinner Couple hugging at a NYC rehearsal dinner Woman hugging older gentleman at a NYC rehearsal dinnerFive guests talking with drinks in hand at a NYC rehearsal dinner Woman holding drink and listening to guest at a NYC rehearsal dinner View through doors of woman in grey dress listening at a NYC rehearsal dinner Man pouring champagne into a punch bowl with two guests Young boy eating a Chinese dumpling at a NYC rehearsal dinnerAluminum pan filled with Chinese dumplings in the shape of little animals Close up on a young boy's hands trying to operate chopsticks Two men talking at a NYC rehearsal dinner Woman pointing out food at a buffet to young boy Couple holding plates and kissingGuests enjoying a party in a Manhattan apartment kitchen Woman holding fan in front of two male guests Man talking at a NYC rehearsal dinner Two men talking at a NYC rehearsal dinner Four women around a bookshelf talkingTwo female guests talking at a NYC rehearsal dinner Guests reflected in glass at a NYC rehearsal dinner Woman wearing thick, black glasses and talking Woman wearing pearl necklaces listening to guest Man laughing as woman talks at a NYC rehearsal dinnerWoman with arms around young boy Guests seated around bookshelf in an apartment Female guests opening gifts at a NYC rehearsal dinner Two guests looking at earringsWoman kissing another woman on the cheek at a NYC rehearsal dinner

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