The Cherry Blossoms in Queens

Cherry blossoms in Queens

It may still feel like winter in New York, but believe it or not, the cherry blossoms are beginning to bloom. I visited Flushing Meadows Corona Park today for a venue visit, and here is my report on the cherry blossoms in Queens.

I have a family portrait for 14 family members scheduled for this Sunday, so I wanted to scout out the best locations in Flushing Meadows Corona Park for the photo session. While it was cold and windy this morning, I am pleased to announce that most of the trees are beginning to bloom. Here are some scenes from today’s venue check.

If you are planning a trip to the park soon, you can find a forest of lovely pink trees just to the right of the Queens Theatre. There are also a variety of white and pink blossoms surrounding the Unisphere. Sadly, the rest of the park is quite barren with the exception of a few daffodils here and there. There are more than enough blooming trees for a solid engagement or family portrait shoot, though if you’re planning to go to the park for a cherry bloom-filled picnic, you might wait a few more weeks.

Cherry blossoms in QueensFlushing Meadows Corona Park in QueensFlushing Meadows Corona Park in Queens

As a reminder, check out this article I wrote about the best places to see cherry blossoms in New York City if you are looking to go beyond Queens for your cherry blossom needs. I was in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden for an engagement shoot on Saturday, and as in Queens, the trees are just beginning to bloom. The Cherry Esplanade had only one tree blooming, but the trees surrounding the Japanese garden and the conservatory were lovely.

So if you are interested in booking a photo shoot with the trees in full bloom, don’t wait much longer. Remember that it only takes one big rain in NYC to have all the blossoms come off the tree in a hurry. Make your plans now.

Cherry blossoms in QueensFlushing Meadows Corona Park in QueensDaffodils in QueensThe Unisphere in Flushing Meadows Corona Park in QueensFlushing Meadows Corona Park in QueensFlushing Meadows Corona Park in QueensFlushing Meadows Corona Park in QueensCherry blossoms in Queens

Speaking of which, in case you are wondering where I’ve been these past few months, the good news is that I am finally back from my travels and am swamped with work. Wedding season has started with a bang, and I am busy, busy, busy. I’ll be blogging more soon and hope to get back on a regular schedule. I’ll have news about all my shoots, as well as details about my recent travels to Southeast Asia. Check out my Instagram feed at @KellyWilliamsPhotographer and @KellyWPhotog to see where I’ve been.

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  1. Dear Kelly, just read your Sakura Blog Post. So nice.
    I miss you on Instagram – are you busy ?
    Always hope I would run into you on my walk through BBG.
    I spent some weeks in Washington Ave. during spring.
    So, hope you are well – Maura and Sebastian’s wedding is still on my mind – for you another season just started.
    Best, christiane

    1. Hi Christiane,

      Miss you too! Yes, I am fully booked every weekend in May and June. It has been crazy busy, and sadly my social media game has had to fall behind. I’ll get back on IG soon though. By the way, I’m headed to Germany (Hamburg) in June!



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