Yeehaw Junction, Florida

Yeehaw Junction photos of exterior of Desert Inn Motel

Happy new year, everyone!  As you can tell from my Instagram (@KellyWPhotog), I am still on vacation in Florida.  As such, I have been slow to get back to the social media grind.  I thought I might ease into the regular blog schedule by sharing a few Yeehaw Junction photos from Florida with you.

This first bunch is from Yeehaw Junction, at the corner of US 441 and Highway 60.  There is not much to say about the area except that the restaurant has a fantastic burger — stuffed with bacon, no less.  I love traveling the backroads, and plan to do more of it while I am in Florida.  I’ll be here through the end of January, so my apologies to everyone back home who is stuck in the snow.

Interested in seeing more of my photos from Florida?  Check out this photo essay on the Kapok Tree restaurant in Clearwater.

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Yeehaw Junction photos of deer head over table in the Desert Inn Bar Yeehaw Junction photos of the exterior of the Desert Inn Bar & Restaurant Yeehaw Junction photos of diners at the Desert Inn Bar seated around the bar Yeehaw Junction photos of truck traveling down road beside motel sign

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