Wedding Ceremony Photo Tips

Bride and groom kissing in bookstore for an article on wedding ceremony photo tips

You are ready for your portraits, and you have your dance moves mastered for your first dance.  But how about some wedding ceremony photo tips to help you look good when you walk down the aisle?  Today’s blog post has everything you need to help you take your photo game to the next level as […]

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Wedding Photography Timeline Tips

Portrait of groom and bride under blowing veil for an article on wedding photography timeline tips

‘How Long Should My Wedding Photos Take?’ This is the question I always get asked by couples taking a first stab at their wedding day schedule. While no one wants their photography to take all day, photographing certain groups of people does take a certain amount of time. And in general, the longer the amount […]

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How to Take Great Group Photos

Moris Jumel Mansion wedding photo for an article on how to take great group photos by Kelly Williams

If you are keeping in top of the latest wedding trends, then you might have noticed more group photos at the reception. Here are a few tips on how to take great group photos at your event. Traditionally, portraits are taken of the bride, groom, bridal party and family. But why should they have all […]

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