A Bathhouse Studios Wedding

Groom dipping bride during first dance at a Bathhouse Studios wedding

In keeping with the fun spirit of their pre-wedding cocktail bash, Sarah and Dave had a blast at their Bathhouse Studios wedding on Saturday.  They transformed a space normally used as a professional photo studio into a dream wedding venue, complete with a perfectly lit dance floor.  Their wedding also introduced me to my new favorite hotel, The Roger, in midtown.  Get all the details here…

A Bathhouse Studios Wedding: Getting Ready

Bride looking in mirror before her Bathhouse Studios weddingThe day started with the couple getting ready in separate suites at the Roger Hotel.  If you are unfamiliar with the boutique hotel, as I was, it is hiding in plain sight on the corner of 31st Street and Madison Avenue.  The staff is friendly and accommodating, and the rooms, while a tad tiny, have huge terraces.  We used the terrace on the couple’s penthouse suite for the perfect ‘first look’ location.  Where else in New York can you get a completely private view of the Empire State Building?  Even better, the lobby is beautiful and a worthy setting for photos straight out of the pages of Vogue.

A Bathhouse Studios Wedding: Portraits

Close up on bride and groom dancing before a Bathhouse Studios weddingThe ceremony and reception were held at Bathhouse Studios on Eleventh Street in the East Village.  Unfortunately, while the East Village is a great location for catching a drink, it’s not the most beautiful location for bridal party portraits.  One would think that Tompkins Square Park, the nearest patch of greenery, would be a great place to shoot.  Not so.  Tompkins Square Park is not a spot you want to bring your bridal party to, much less walk through on a sunny afternoon.  While it is technically a park, all of the green areas are fenced off to keep the intoxicated locals out.  Memories of the old New York City fenced into one small park.  Instead, I had to get creative with photos in the area and ultimately decided to capture the NYC street feel by shooting literally in the street.  Note that this requires the utmost in patience and traffic directing skills.  Time was of the essence, so I took shots in the street and in front of Bathhouse Studios’ beautiful facade, but one other location you may consider in the area is the East River Park.  It’s a hike from the venue, and I would recommend taking a car there, but you will get waterfront views and a bit of greenery to boot.

A Bathhouse Studios Wedding: Ceremony

Groom and mother looking over at bride and father during a Bathhouse Studios weddingThe ceremony was very sweet, and was officiated by the bride’s mother, Adelia.  Starting off the ceremony, Sarah and Dave’s respective families presented each of them to the audience.  It was a touching way to include more of the family in the ceremony besides that of the traditional father presenting the bride to the groom.  One comment here: I am always on alert to be in the right place at the right time with the least amount of disruption for your guests.  This is especially true during the ceremony where I become much more noticeable in the hushed atmosphere.  The normal course of a ceremony is for the father of the bride to walk the bride to the groom, shake hands with the groom, sit down, and then the bride and groom stand alone at the front of the venue flanked by the bridal party.  If you are going to do anything different than this set up in your ceremony, just let your photographer know.  In particular, if any part of your ceremony has your back to your guests, as it did with the touching family presentation part of this ceremony, let your photographer know.  This means I will need to remain at the front of the venue longer than usual in order to capture all of the action.

A Bathhouse Studios Wedding: Reception

Guests cheering on a break dancer at a Bathhouse Studios weddingAfter the ceremony, the party began with a cocktail hour downstairs, followed by a reception upstairs.  Dinner for the evening was a buffet of delights from the couple’s favorite restaurants, including Pies n’ Thighs, Tacombi, and Mile End.  Buffet service is a great way to get your guests to meet and greet with each other.  Even better, have long family-style tables for seating and no assigned seats to mix up the crowd, as was the case with Sarah and Dave’s wedding.

One note about the venue: the dance floor was part of the studio’s white cyc wall (cyc wall, or cyclorama: (noun) a curved wall used as a background of a stage set to suggest unlimited space).  The space was perfect: lots of room for dancing, a cool photo studio vibe, and huge white walls which made for excellent lighting.  One last little detail: the wedding cake was a birthday cake-flavored confection from Momofuku Milk Bar, and the cake topper was a 3-D printed sculpture created by a friend of the couple.  Enjoy the photos!


Ceremony and reception venue: Bathhouse Studios

Getting ready venue: The Roger Hotel

Event planner: Tina Volfson, tinavolfson@yahoo.com

Florist:  Tina Volfson, tinavolfson@yahoo.com

Invitation and paper goods: Marianna Peragallo

Wedding dress: Leanne Marshall designer, ‘Emma’ dress from the Bridal LM collection

Wedding shoes: Badgley Mischka, ‘Dana’ embellished toe shoe

Groom’s suit: Hugo Boss

Makeup and hairstyling: Cathy Facto

DJ: Ben Goldfarb, aka DJ Scribe

Catering: Pies n’ Thighs, Tacombi, and Mile End Delicatessan

Wedding cake: Momofuku Milk Bar

If you would like to view more images from my wedding photojournalism portfolio, then please visit my website — www.KellyWilliamsPhotographer.com

Groom waiting for bride at a first look before a Bathhouse Studios wedding Portrait of bride and groom before a Bathhouse Studios wedding Bride and groom dancing on terrace with Empire State Building in background Portrait of bride with white shawl before a Bathhouse Studios wedding Portrait of bride and bridesmaids sitting on green couch before a Bathhouse Studios wedding Bride and groom on the staircase of the Roger Hotel View of bride and bridegroom beside a phone booth Bride and groom in focus with cars zooming by out of focusBridal party putting on boutonnieresPortrait of bridal party in front of Bathhouse StudiosPortrait of groomsmen holding up groomBlack and white photo of groom during Bathhouse Studios wedding ceremonyRing bearer running towards groom during Bathhouse Studios wedding ceremonyBlack and white photo of bride and groom kissing after Bathhouse Studios wedding ceremonyClose up photo of little boy holding hands of two womenGlowing cup with the words 'Sarah and Dave' on itBride and groom dancing in front of guests at Bathhouse Studios wedding receptionBride and groom surrounded by cheering wedding guestsBride hugging father at Bathhouse Studios wedding receptionGuest with red lipstick enjoying a Bathhouse Studios wedding receptionUnfrosted wedding cake by Momofuku Milk BarBride and groom laughing during Bathhouse Studios wedding receptionBride and groom listening to speechGroom wiping away tears of laughterGroom hugging guest after speechGroom hugging motherBride dancing with fatherGroom dancing with motherMan and woman taking selfie on dance floor at Bathhouse Studios weddingBride feeding wedding cake to groom at Bathhouse Studios weddingBride pointing at guests on the dance floorGuest dancing with 'Sarah and Dave' cup in handGroom and guest dancing at Bathhouse Studios weddingBlack and white photo of bride sitting on groom's lapBride and groom sitting in circle of guests at Bathhouse Studios wedding

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