Riviera Waterfront Mansion wedding photos of groom carrying bride in front of white gazebo

Riviera Waterfront Mansion Wedding Photos – Rachel & Nick

As the quote goes, ‘The best things in life are worth waiting for.’ Thanks to the pandemic, Rachel and Nick had to jump through several hoops to reschedule their wedding. So when their big day finally arrived in April of last year, the day was all the more special. So before any other variants hit…

Bride in backyard looking over her tattooed shoulder

Jessica & Dan’s Riviera Waterfront Mansion Wedding

Let’s next meet Jessica and Dan, whose wedding I recently shot at the Riviera in Massapequa, NY. This tatted up couple met the modern way…online. Despite their colorful appearance, Jessica and Dan are an old fashioned couple at heart, and are looking most forward to forming a new family together with Lydia, Dan’s daughter from a previous relationship.