How to Prepare for A Newborn Portrait Session

Mother holding newborn baby over shoulder for an article on how to prepare for a newborn portrait session

Get out and vote!  With all the chaos that will be happening today, I figured we could all use the distraction of photos of precious, little wee ones.  I recently had the pleasure of photographing Leah and Steve’s precious family, including their newest family member. A photo shoot is always something of a stressful situation, […]

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Newborn Portrait Tips

Spring is here, and photos of a cute baby are just what the world needs now. If you would like to capture memories of your little one, here are a few newborn portrait tips for you.

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Is Camera Flash Dangerous to Newborns?

Swaddled newborn baby on green blanket for an article answering the question, 'is camera flash dangerous to newborns?'

My camera flash manual would say the answer is to never use a flash within one meter of a child. An actual medical professional, however, would beg to differ. Here is the definitive answer to the question, ‘Is camera flash dangerous to newborns?’

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