Maternity Photo Shoot Ideas

African American couple standing in Forest Park for an article on maternity photo shoot ideas

A classic maternity portrait focuses on the momma-to-be and her expanding waistline — but how much belly cupping can you do in one photo shoot?  If you are expecting creative photos, I have a full list of maternity photo shoot ideas in today’s blog post that will really deliver.

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Melanie & Jalani’s Queens Maternity Photo Shoot

Parents-to-be sitting on bed for a Queens maternity photo shoot

If you are a resident of New York City, then you know it seems to rain (or at least be overcast) all the time in winter.  Sadly, it rained all day for Melanie and Jalani’s recent Queens maternity photo shoot thereby preventing any outside shots.  But bad weather did not deter this couple!  The photos […]

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How to Prepare for a Maternity Photo Shoot

Pregnant blond woman on beach for an article on how to prepare for a maternity photo shoot

I am so pleased when wedding clients come to me for maternity shoots or family portraits. It’s as if the circle is complete, and the grand finale of the couple’s walk down the aisle is revealed. In today’s blog post, I have photos from Jessica and Dan’s maternity shoot. I photographed their wedding not that […]

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