Beautiful Views from a Ravel Hotel Penthouse Wedding

Groom kissing bride on top of old NYC taxicab before a Ravel Hotel Penthouse wedding

It’s been a very busy June, so I’ve been away from the computer, but I am back and happy to present the Ravel Hotel Penthouse wedding of Courtney and Warren.  They were married on May 19th at the lovely church of St. Joseph’s in Astoria.  Their reception was held high atop the Ravel Hotel in […]

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Coney Island Engagement Photo Tips

Woman pulling man by his tie on boardwalk or an article on Coney Island engagement photo tips

I love Coney Island.  The place is such a source of pure joy for kids of all ages.  I recently had the pleasure of visiting Coney Island with Courtney and Warren.  Our adventure took us all over the boardwalk, and in today’s blog post I will have for you all the images plus a list […]

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