How DJ Lighting Affects Your Wedding Photos

Bride with arm up about to throw bouquet at group of women for an article on how DJ lighting affects your wedding photos

Let’s get the weekend started with some fantastic photos from the dance floor of Rachelle and Brice’s wedding! As per my last post, Rachelle and Brice’s wedding started with a beautiful ceremony. After the couple said ‘I do,’ guests got their groove on while bathed in discotheque ambience. Their wedding was one of my most […]

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How to Have an Unplugged Wedding

Bride and groom kissing on stairs of entrance to Harriet Himmel Theater for an article on how to have an unplugged wedding

Why is it that people feel the need to make every moment an Instagram memory? Surely guests understand that a professional photographer has been employed to do the heavy lifting.  I will never understand the cell phone photo phenomenon, as I am not a social media junkie. If you feel the same way I do […]

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