Nancy & Ralfi Welcome A New Family Member

For every wedding photographer, having a client come back to you for a family portrait is always an exciting, and emotional experience.  It’s as if the circle is now complete.  This recently happened to me with one of my first wedding clients, Nancy and Ralfi.  They welcomed their first baby — little Mikaela — into the world late last year, and I was honored to sit down with them for a family portrait in Prospect Park.  We chose to shoot around the Boathouse and along the trail leading to the lake.  The weather, however, was a bit uncooperative and Mikaela wisely made the choice for us to continue the photo shoot in Nancy and Ralfi’s apartment.  As learned from this shoot, always have a back up location in mind and bring along lots of snacks and entertainment for the little ones.  (Nancy was totally prepared with a bottle and lots of toys.)  And one other item to note — this family portrait included the ENTIRE family: those with fur and without.

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