Behind the Scenes: Venue Check in Central Park

Bethesda Terrace in Central Park by photographer Kelly Williams

Hi everyone!  I hope you all had a chance to enjoy the final day of nice weather here in NYC.  I was in Central Park this afternoon doing a venue check at the Bethesda Terrace for the Friday wedding of Bonnie & Gerry.  I’ve shot countless numbers of engagements, weddings, and portraits in this very location, but it never hurts to circle back to a venue and make sure there are no recent changes, such as construction, closed off entrances, or heaven forbid, graffiti.  If I haven’t been to a venue in a while, I always try to do a walk through to ensure that nothing has changed visually.  It also gives me the chance to see a venue from a fresh perspective and add some new shots to my list.  For Bonnie and Gerry’s wedding, I’ll be shooting through the mosaic terrace towards the Bethesda Fountain in the hopes of avoiding some of the tourists and adding a twist on this classic shot.  In addition, I hope to have enough time to shoot the couple through the cement handrail on the stairs to the right of the mosaic terrace.  #BonnieAndGerry2014

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It’s Official…Halloween is Over

Dead pumpkin, by photographer Kelly Williams

So sad; my pumpkin has died.  On to the next holiday.

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What’s In My Bag?: My Emergency Kit

Crochet hook in use for the wedding dress by photographer Kelly Williams

This week I am getting ready for the 10-hour wedding of my clients, Kate and Stuart. As I’m thinking about last minute logistics and packing for the big day, I wanted to share with you what I take with me to every photo shoot, including the items in my emergency kit.

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Wedding Photojournalism 101: Candid Photos Are My Heart & Soul

Ever wondered what’s going on in the mind of an artist?  With an eye to explaining what goes into making a photo, I thought I might give a larger explanation of my own style as it pertains to wedding photography.

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Behind the Scenes: Rima Berzin Shoot

Behind the scenes with photographer Kelly Williams

I had a great shoot yesterday with portrait photographer Rima Berzin.  I assisted her for a portrait that was shot in her studio.  This former ballerina has still got it!

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