It’s Official…Halloween is Over

Dead pumpkin, by photographer Kelly Williams

So sad; my pumpkin has died.  On to the next holiday.

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What’s In My Bag?: My Emergency Kit

Crochet hook in use for the wedding dress by photographer Kelly Williams

This week I am getting ready for the 10-hour wedding of my clients, Kate and Stuart. As I’m thinking about last minute logistics and packing for the big day, I wanted to share with you what I take with me to every photo shoot, including the items in my emergency kit.

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Wedding Photojournalism 101: Candid Photos Are My Heart & Soul

Ever wondered what’s going on in the mind of an artist?  With an eye to explaining what goes into making a photo, I thought I might give a larger explanation of my own style as it pertains to wedding photography.

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Behind the Scenes: Rima Berzin Shoot

Behind the scenes with photographer Kelly Williams

I had a great shoot yesterday with portrait photographer Rima Berzin.  I assisted her for a portrait that was shot in her studio.  This former ballerina has still got it!

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