‘Thank You’ and ‘Save the Date’ cards

Photos shouldn’t be confined to frames on a wall.  Rather, your images can be put to good use by giving them a starring role on your ‘save the date’ cards or thank you notes.  For my clients, it takes just a short time (normally only a week from start to finish) to turn engagement shoot or wedding photos into personalized notes.

If you’re thinking about using photos in this manner from either your engagement shoot or your wedding, make sure to let your photographer know before the shoot.  That way the photographer can be sure to bring along a ‘Thank You’ or ‘Save the Date’ sign to include in your shoot.  Likewise, if you want to use photos from your shoot for your table placecards, make sure to let your photographer know so that the correct numbers or names to represent each table can be included in the shoot.

To help you visualize how your photos can be transformed, I’ve put together a few mock ups of sample cards below.  As always, these are just a starting point, and together we can design a card that best reflects your personality, the tone of your wedding, and shows off your photos in the best light.

‘Save the Date’ cards:



Thank You’ notes:

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