Creative Party Favor Ideas

Bombardier wedding favor

Let me start by saying this: you by no means are required to give your guests a gift. You have invited people to your celebration and are already providing your guests with free food and drink, so swag is not necessary. That said, if you want to give your guests a token of appreciation for coming to your event, here is a near exhaustive list of creative party favor ideas.

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What to Have Ready When the Wedding Photographer Arrives

Bride and groom portrait after their Fordham University Church wedding

Every wedding I shoot always starts off in a scene of pure chaos. I knock on the hotel room door, say hello to the bride – who is normally getting her hair curled at the time – and start unpacking my cameras. The room is usually filled with the following: champagne glasses, uneaten morsels from breakfast, spanx, make up, and an overflowing suitcase with its contents all over the floor. I love it. So much kinetic energy that goes on behind the scenes before the polished and beautiful bride makes her graceful debut down the aisle. No one need ever know the scene that went on in the room just moments before.

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How to Trim Your Wedding Guest List

A place setting photographed for an article on how to trim your guest list, by NYC wedding photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Baby, it’s cold outside here in New York City. What better way to stay warm then to remain inside the house spending time whittling down the guest list for your wedding? Well, maybe not, but for many of my clients just starting the process of planning their wedding, this is exactly how they are spending their time.  So, here are some tips for how to trim your wedding guest list:

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