Coney Island Labor Day 2017

Kid doing a back flip at Coney Island

I originally was going to use this blog to show photos from another Forest Hills family portrait, but then I thought, nah, I would rather share some Coney Island street photography from my visit there on Labor Day.  Summer may be over, but I’m hanging on to the memories.

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A Visit to Governors Island

Governor's Island photos by NYC photojournalist, Kelly Williams

I have an engagement shoot in September on Governors Island with my fantastic clients, Vanessa and Nathan, and so I decided to take a trip to New York City’s most overlooked oasis. Here is what you need to know for your upcoming photo shoot on Governors Island.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Photos from the 2016 St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC by photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Photos from today’s St. Patrick’s Day parade in Manhattan.  Lots of crowds, especially around 47th Street.  Color me paraded out for the day.  Enjoy the photos.

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Candid shot on the streets of Manhattan, by NYC street photographer, Kelly Williams

It’s the start of the year, and like everyone else, I have some new year’s resolutions which I would like to complete.  My goals for this year are to work on my personal photography projects and to try and achieve more of a life/work balance.  I started today by taking the entire day off — […]

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Happy Memorial Day! Photos of Sarasota

Photos of Sarasota, Florida by NYC photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Hi everyone!  Memorial Day weekend starts today, and that usually means a bit of holiday travel for most folks.  In anticipation of the fun weekend ahead, I thought I would tempt you with photos from my trip to Sarasota, taken during my Florida sojourn this past winter.  To those of you going somewhere relaxing, I […]

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Marketing Yourself with Photojournalism

Photo by Kelly Williams of a Divine & NY Co. silk scarf workshop to illustrate an article on using photojournalistic images to create website

Spring is here and flowers are (finally) beginning to bloom in NYC. For me, the change of season comes a renewed desire to get out of the house and do something creative. I recently had the chance to help my friend Rekha Krishnamurthi and her Divine NY & Co. studio out by photographing a class […]

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Happy Birthday to Alexandra!

A birthday party photo, by NYC photojournalist, Kelly Williams

This weekend marked the 40th birthday of my client, Alexandra, and I was so pleased to be able to capture the celebration.  It was a great crowd of family and friends, all there to send best wishes to the birthday girl.  Alexandra went all out and threw a fantastic party, complete with food catered by […]

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Website SEO Tips From the Trenches

The new website splash page of NYC wedding photojournalist, Kelly Williams

If you’ve visited my website lately, you might have noticed a few changes. You’re not crazy, that’s my new logo! What do you think? I loved the daisy, but it’s a new year and couldn’t we all use a little freshening up?

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NYC is a Winter Wonderland

Snow in New York City by NYC photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Well, I’m back from Florida, and was greeted by a heavy downpour of snow today in NYC.  I hope everyone had the chance to play outside.  Tomorrow we can complain about the slush puddles and slippery conditions, but today is time for fun.  I took a walk to the Brooklyn Bridge and captured a few […]

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Photojournalism in Action: Behind the Scenes at the Dressing Room

Commercial photography behind the scenes, by NYC photojournalist, Kelly Williams

If you’re familiar with my photography, then you know that I pride myself on being a photojournalist.  That is, I am a documentary-style photographer with a realistic, natural approach to capturing people and events.  Most of my work heretofore has focused on weddings, but I would like to expand my photographic approach to businesses as […]

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