Circle B Bar Reserve: Pristine Wilderness in Polk County

A lake at the Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County

Hi everyone! I’m still in Florida, and yesterday I visited the Circle B Bar Reserve in Polk County with my cousin, Robin.

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A Tour of the Oxford Exchange in Tampa

Sailboat in the entrance of the Oxford Exchange in Tampa, Florida

Hi everyone!  I’ve decided to extend my stay in Tampa for a bit longer in order to avoid the cold of New York City.  As such, I wanted to introduce y’all to my hometown of Tampa.  Let’s start at the Oxford Exchange — a bookstore, cafe, glorious oddities shop, and remote workspace all rolled into one.

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The Road to Micanopy, Florida

Photos of Micanopy, Florida by NYC wedding, event, and portrait photographer Kelly Williams

Happy new year, everyone!  I hope you all are enjoying a little ‘down time’ — I certainly am.  I’m spending time with my family in Florida, and we recently took a trip to Jacksonville to visit with my aunt and cousins.  The trip was great, especially the side trip to a little town called Micanopy (pronounced “mick-ah-No-pee“).  The town is an ideal relic of ‘old Florida’ and has one main street with lots of cute shops and restaurants.  I encourage everyone to take a visit there if you can.  While you’re there, enjoy some alligator tail at the Yearling Restaurant in nearby Cross Creek.  Enjoy the pics, and there will be plenty more photos of Florida coming soon!

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