Central Park Rowboat Photos, Or My Adventure on the High Seas

Groomsman in a Central Park rowboat

Thinking about having photos taken in a Central Park rowboat while you paddle around The Lake? It’s an adventure worth taking, and here are the details of my recent experience photographing bride and groom, Carolina and Erich, on the high seas in Central Park. The trick to getting the best photos on The Lake in […]

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Loeb Boathouse Wedding in Central Park

Bride and groom portraits in Central Park

Can you believe 2017 is right around the corner? It seems like the year flew by in a flash, with a few very long months spent on the election. As a diversion from the political upheaval all around us, I present to you the details of Carolina and Erich’s Loeb Boathouse wedding in Central Park. […]

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How to Plan a Central Park Wedding, Perfectly

Bride and groom dancing at a Central Park wedding

On Friday I had the pleasure of photographing Nancy and Reggie’s beautiful wedding at the Cop Cot in Central Park. Their ceremony was a stellar example of how to get married in Central Park. While most people assume you can simply show up and get hitched anywhere in the park (you basically can), there are […]

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Emma & Paul’s Whirlwind Ladies Pavilion Wedding

Ladies Pavilion wedding ceremony by NYC wedding photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Last October I was contacted by a delightful couple from the UK, who wanted to get hitched while on shore leave from their cruise.  The premise sounded zany enough (and right up my alley), but the reality was even more wonderful.  Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Emma and Paul — my craziest wedding […]

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Happy New Year’s Eve!

Candid photo of a couple on their wedding day on the roof of the Grand Hyatt Hotel by NYC wedding photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Happy New Year’s Eve everyone! I ended my professional year yesterday with the NYC elopment of Sarah and Chris.  This couple from the UK started their romance in New York City, and it was very fitting that we began their wedding day with photos around town that held memories for the couple.

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How to Create a Photo Book: From Start to Finish

Central Park wedding by NYC wedding photographer, Kelly Williams

Hi everyone!  I just mailed my client Jenni her photo book, and I wanted to share with you the process from start to finish.  First, let’s talk about the difference between photo books and albums.  All of my albums are created through Couture Books. Each is handmade, with specially designed fabric covers. In comparison, the […]

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Becky & Jim: A Central Park Wedding

A Central Park wedding beside the Bethesda Fountain by photographer Kelly Williams

Talk about a whirlwind romance!  Becky & Jim met late last year in an Irish bar on a rainy Sunday night.  This chance meeting led to love, and Becky and Jim officially tied the knot in classic New York fashion beside the Bethesda Fountain in Central Park.  While the couple is planning a larger church […]

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Brian & Niki: Central Park Wedding Photos

Brian and Niki's wedding photos in Times Square by NYC wedding photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Congrats to Brian and Niki, who traveled all the way from the UK to get married in Central Park on June 6th!  Their intimate wedding was a lovely testament to their beautiful relationship.  The ceremony, conducted by Rev. Annie Lawrence, was held on Umpire Hill overlooking the amusement park area.  Max, Brian and Niki’s son, […]

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