Website Photography Tips

Man holding fish for an article on website photography tips

New Year, New Website Photos

Happy new year, everyone! I’m not a huge fan of new year’s resolutions, but I know many people have ‘update my website’ on their list of things to do for 2019. In today’s blog, I have a few website photography tips to guarantee you put your best self out there in 2019.

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Office Portrait Tips

Conference room interaction shot for an office portrait tips article by NYC executive headshot photographer, Kelly Williams

Thursday I had a fantastic portrait session in the Flatiron district for a corporate client. The task at hand was five executive headshots plus office interaction shots for the company’s website. After working with this team of professionals (and coming away with some great shots!) I thought I would pass along a few office portrait tips.

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The Silly and the Serious: An Executive Portrait

A portrait by NYC executive portrait photographer, Kelly Williams

The snow has been falling here in NYC, and my goal is go out and take a few photos of the white stuff later today. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some images from the executive portrait I did in Westchester last week.

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Finding the Perfect Exposure for an Office Portrait

The waiting room of a dental office, as photographed by executive portrait photographer, Kelly Williams

Or, all of the preparations that went into making a dental office with a dropped ceiling look good…

Last Tuesday I took a trip to the far northern reaches of Westchester to photograph the office of Bridgham Barr Orthodontics (BBO). These are the orthodontists I wish I had as a child. Dr. Barr, Dr. Bridgham, and the entire staff are a fun group who clearly love both their jobs and their patients. The caring nature of my client, however, was not reflected in their online presence. Indeed, the company’s website looked out of date, and the photos had inconsistent lighting making it look like a jumble of images rather than a cohesive marketing tool.

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Executive Portraits with a Photojournalistic Twist

Portrait of Dr. Magdolna Saringer, by doctor headshot photographer NYC, Kelly Williams

With your taxes finally filed, perhaps you are ready to tackle another item on your ‘to do list’: create your own website.  A website is becoming a necessary marketing item for more and more professionals.  Take the example of my recent client, Dr. Magdolna Saringer: she is a pediatric and adolescent psychiatrist who has her own practice.  While it used to be enough to be listed in the phone book, nowadays potential patients are looking online to do some research before they make an appointment.

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Executive Portraits: Tips from a NYC Corporate Headshot Photographer

An executive portrait by NYC corporate headshot photographer, Kelly Williams.

I hope you all are staying warm, despite the wretched snow that keeps blanketing the northeast. I am pleased to share with you a set of executive portraits I recently took here in Tampa with my client, Abdulla, who needed a professional headshot to help launch his new business. If you’re in the same position – like Abdulla – of needing a new photo to sell yourself and your business, I hope you’ll find these tips helpful in preparing for your shoot.

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