Escaping the Jaws of Death: A Trip to the Circle B Bar Reserve

Alligators at the Circle B Bar Reserve by NYC photographer, Kelly Williams

Another set of photos to make you wish you were in Florida!  Plus, a tale that may make you want to wait until alligator mating season is over to book your own visit down south.

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A Non-Tourist’s View of Staten Island

The Staten Island Ferry sign in Manhattan, by NYC photographer, Kelly Williams

Last Monday I played the role of tourist with a trip to Staten Island.  The original goal of my trip was to have a taste of Sri Lankan food.  (Who knew that the largest community of Sri Lankans in the US reside just across the water in the St. George area of Staten Island?)  But I also wanted to see what had happened to the borough in the time since I left.

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The Blizzard Cometh to NYC

Snowpocalypse 2016 hits New York, by NYC photojournalist, Kelly Williams

I hope all of my fellow New Yorkers have had the chance to go play in the snow this evening!  We were walloped with 25 inches (and still waiting for the official count) of snow starting at around midnight last night.  I went out this evening at 8:30 p.m. to check out the status of the snow, and I’m happy to report that most of the white stuff has been cleared.  The roads are good, but good luck if you were hoping to dig your car out for tomorrow’s commute.  The subways are running (at least those below ground, like my E/F line), and it seems everyone is out taking selfies.  Here are some photos from tonight’s adventures with Snowpocalypse 2016.

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Close Up On New York: Bird Edition

Photos taken on the streets of New York, by NYC street photographer, Kelly Williams

Two weeks have passed, and thus far I have kept my new year’s resolution to do more personal photography.  This week I focused on using my 50mm macro lens at a 2.8 aperture.  A 50mm lens is basically how your eye sees the world (as opposed to a telephoto lens that allows you to get closer to an object, or a wide lens that widens your perspective).  The macro aspect of the lens allows the photographer to get extremely close to the subject.  I normally use the lens to shoot details such as wedding rings and cake toppers, but today I concentrated on the resulting puddles and water droplets from this afternoon’s rain storm.  Also, there was an odd fog that settled over the city late in the afternoon that was at odds with the sun trying to peek out.

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Candid shot on the streets of Manhattan, by NYC street photographer, Kelly Williams

It’s the start of the year, and like everyone else, I have some new year’s resolutions which I would like to complete.  My goals for this year are to work on my personal photography projects and to try and achieve more of a life/work balance.  I started today by taking the entire day off — a rare occurrence for me.  I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art and spent the rest of the afternoon playing tourist with camera in hand.  It’s been a while since I have taken to the street to flex my photojournalist skills (well, without following behind a bride and groom).  It felt great, and my hope is that I can start to take one day off a week and feel guilt-free.  Here are the resulting images from today’s adventures in NYC:

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Happy Memorial Day! Photos of Sarasota

Photos of Sarasota, Florida by NYC photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Hi everyone!  Memorial Day weekend starts today, and that usually means a bit of holiday travel for most folks.  In anticipation of the fun weekend ahead, I thought I would tempt you with photos from my trip to Sarasota, taken during my Florida sojourn this past winter.  To those of you going somewhere relaxing, I hope you have a safe trip.  And for those of you — like me — who will be enjoying a staycation, use these photos to dream of your next trip.  Enjoy!

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The 2015 Pasco County Fair: Babies and Bull Riding

The Pasco County Fair Championship Rodeo, by NYC photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Of all the wacky fairs I have attended during my visit to Florida, the Pasco County Fair was by far the best.  A cute baby contest, full rodeo, and wild amusement rides — need I say more?

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Saturday Night Special: Ybor City Knight Parade

Photo from the 2015 Ybor City Knight Parade in Tampa, by NYC photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Saturday night was party night in Tampa where the annual Knight Parade made a triumphant return down 7th Avenue in Ybor City.  The parade is one of the final events for Tampa’s Gasparilla pirate festival.  As a reminder, Gasparilla is a bit like Mardi Gras, and as with the ‘crews’ in New Orleans, this parade is sponsored by the Krewe of the Knights of Sant’ Yago.  The Ybor City Knight Parade is known as one of the more raucous events of the festival, and this year lived up to the hype.  Lots of drunk people countered by cute kids from the surrounding area who just wanted those beads.  Enjoy the pics!

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Tampa’s Thai Temple: The Wat Mongkolratanaram

A woman walks outside the Wat Mongkolratanaram, as photographed by NYC photojournalist, Kelly Williams

With the coldest air of the season beating down on New York City, I thought sharing photos from one of Tampa’s most serene spaces was in order.  Welcome to the Wat Mongkolratanaram of Florida, a Buddhist temple located alongside the Palm River near Brandon.  The ‘wat,’ or monastery temple, was established in its present location in 1981 and the newly designed temple was dedicated in 2007.  English-language religious services are held every Sunday beginning at 1:00 p.m., and classes on Buddhism are offered during the week.

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The Florida State Fair

A carnival history display at the Florida State Fair, photographed by NYC photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Yesterday, my mother and I visited the Florida State Fair.  For a city girl like myself, this was an introduction to the country life, complete with livestock competitions, homemade concoctions, and everything you would ever need to decorate your house à la Little House on the Prairie.

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