Just married: Michelle & Dan

In August I had my first karaoke wedding…yes, you read that correctly.  Michelle & Dan, in addition to being nuts about each other, are crazy about karaoke.  In fact, it’s how they met.  As a fitting tribute, they and their guests rocked the karaoke machine all night.  The wedding was held at reBar — a […]

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Karen & Ted’s City Hall Wedding

Well, this is a first: I got to serve as a witness at a City Hall wedding!  I had the pleasure of photographing Karen & Ted, who finally got married at City Hall after many long distance years together.  Their wedding was lovely, but unfortunately, due to travel entanglements the friend who was supposed to […]

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Just married: Jennifer & Barry

Heartfelt congratulations to Jennifer and Barry, who recently were married at St. Peter’s Church downtown.  Their reception was held at a lovely private club and featured lots of family members who came over from Ireland to help the couple celebrate.  Sláinte (‘cheers’ in Irish)!

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Chris & Lisa: A City Hall Wedding

Bride and groom portraits by NYC City Hall wedding photographer, Kelly Williams

The whole family came together to celebrate the recent wedding of Chris and Lisa at City Hall.  The wait wasn’t too long, and the couple said their ‘I do’s’ surrounded by love.  As the photos indicate, this is a fun couple who loves to laugh.  Most importantly, they were ready to get on to the […]

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Aimee & Colin: A Brooklyn Bridge Park Wedding

On the way to a Brooklyn Bridge Park wedding by NYC wedding photojournalist, Kelly Williams

I had the pleasure of recently photographing the Brookyn Bridge Park wedding of Aimee and Colin.  While not an ideal day, weather-wise, the couple looked lovely and there were smiles all around.  A few details to note: Aimee got ready at the Ace Hotel which has some very funky rooms.  We then proceeded to the […]

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A Beautiful Alger House Wedding: Jingle & Huang

A bride's feet decorated with henna by Alger House wedding photographer, Kelly Williams

Congratulations to Jingle and Huang who were married at the lovely Alger House in the West Village.  In case you’re not familiar with the location, it’s a two story townhouse nestled on Downing Street.  While unassuming from the outside, inside it is filled with exquisite Victorian details. Jingle and Huang’s wedding combined many different cultures: […]

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Merchants House Museum Wedding: Catherine & Wes

Bridal portrait at a Merchants House Museum wedding by NYC wedding photojournalist, Kelly Williams

I had the honor of photographing the Merchants House Museum wedding of Catherine and Wes recently, and it was a lovely event.  The day started out with Catherine getting ready at the Standard Hotel in Coopers Square.  She began the evening in a cocktail dress for the pre-ceremony shindig, and then came back to the […]

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Brian & Niki: Central Park Wedding Photos

Brian and Niki's wedding photos in Times Square by NYC wedding photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Congrats to Brian and Niki, who traveled all the way from the UK to get married in Central Park on June 6th!  Their intimate wedding was a lovely testament to their beautiful relationship.  The ceremony, conducted by Rev. Annie Lawrence, was held on Umpire Hill overlooking the amusement park area.  Max, Brian and Niki’s son, […]

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Cranford Rose Garden Wedding: James & Henry

Grooms in a taxicab before a Cranford Rose Garden wedding by NYC wedding photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Congratulations to James and Henry who came all the way from the UK for a Cranford Rose Garden wedding at the Brooklyn Botanic Gardens!  The weather was beautiful, and the ceremony was so heartfelt that everyone there had tears in their eyes (myself included). The day started out with a few shots at the Chatwal […]

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Davenport Club Wedding: Justine & Dave

Bride and groom portrait at a Davenport Club wedding by NYC wedding photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Congratulations to Justine and Dave whose Davenport Club wedding happened June 2nd in New Rochelle.  In case you are unfamiliar with the New Rochelle area, there are several ‘beach clubs’ located down the shore.  These clubs function much like mini-country clubs where members can enjoy the beach, pool, or tennis courts.  Perfect for summer in […]

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