Full Bunny Contact: A Very Scary Easter Bunny

Full Bunny Contact event photographed by NYC photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Looking for a warped way to celebrate Easter?  Well, if you’re in New York City then there is no better way than attending Full Bunny Contact.  Think of it as all of your Easter nightmares combined with the Olympics.  Interested in battling it out in a giant bunny sumo suit?  Check.  How about bopping a stuffed mouse on the head with a bunny bat?  Check.  Best of all, get the chance to climb into the ring with four scary bunnies who are trying to prevent you from gathering Easter eggs.  Pure ridiculousness, the event is best experienced with plenty of alcohol but it is absolutely fun.  (Did I mention the full bar?)  The event runs through Sunday at the The Clemente Soto Vélez Cultural & Educational Center in the Lower East Side.  I’ll be there again on Saturday to photograph the ‘Temper Tantrum Easter Candy Contest’ (????), so stay tuned for more photos later.  Seriously, if you thought Easter was all about bonnets and decorating eggs, think again.  Easter done so wrong, it must be right.

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Photos from the 2016 St. Patrick's Day Parade in NYC by photojournalist, Kelly Williams

Photos from today’s St. Patrick’s Day parade in Manhattan.  Lots of crowds, especially around 47th Street.  Color me paraded out for the day.  Enjoy the photos.

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Atlas Obscura Burlesque History Lecture

Ms. Tickle performing at the Atlas Obscura burlesque history lecture and cabaret performance

On Sunday, I attended the Atlas Obscura burlesque history lecture and cabaret performance at Acme Studios in Brooklyn.  Performing that night were Albert Cadabra, Dirty Martini, Gin Minsky, Corvette Le Face, Ms. Tickle and Melody JaneHere is a link to a full description of the evening.  Kudos to the barteners; the cocktails were mighty tasty.  Enjoy the photos, and make sure to put a few things on your calendar.  First, the Nerdlesque Festival is coming up on April 1st and the NYC Burlesque Festival opens September 29th.  Get your tickets now.

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Racing for the Shot

Wall Street Journal photo booth at the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure sponsor expo, by photographer Kelly Williams

It was such an honor to work with the Susan G. Komen Foundation of Greater New York City yesterday to help photograph their Race for the Cure in Central Park.  The park was packed with inspiring runners and volunteers, all there for a good cause.  In particular, I documented the ‘Endure for the Cure’ portion of the day, which was an ‘Amazing Race’-type event.  Runners in teams of two raced through the park picking up clues after having to ‘endure’ such obstacles as putting on a show for the public at the Dairy and feeding carrots to horses at the edge of the park.  Luckily, the weather was fantastic yesterday and no one had to put up with much humidity.  For more information about the Susan G. Komen Foundation and to get ready for next year’s race, check out this link.  Enjoy the pics!

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